LED Conversion Program - Everyone is going green and LED conversion is a great way to cut down on energy cost, maintenance costs and cooling costs. Not to mention LED lamps are much more durable than a standard glass bulb. Our LED conversion program does not have to be completed all at once. Alison Service Company can replace an existing fixture with an LED fixture with each electrical site visit, give a unit cost per fixture, or quote to convert at one time. It's up to you! Start creating your conversion package today

Lamp and Ballast Buy Back Program - Alison Service Company will survey your site, note and photograph all fixtures, lamps, ballasts and controls being used in the store. All information will be cataloged and each location will be sent their specific catalog to help determine required materials for replacement. Complete with the site survey, Alison Service Company will obtain information and quantities of any ancillary lighting materials being housed at the site location. Alison Service Company will offer to buy back those unused materials and store them in our warehouse. The materials acquired will then be credited to the customer at a discounted cost. This program is designed to create more storage space for each site, rid the site of the costly mistake of ordering the wrong materials and providing lower cost materials.

Preventative Maintenance - Alison Service Company is dedicated to saving its customers time and money. In order to cut costs and promote efficiency, Alison Service Company has customized preventative maintenance programs for any budget. The primary goal of our maintenance programs is to avoid the consequences from failure of equipment, hardware and appearance. It is designed to preserve and restore reliability by maintaining or replacing worn components before they actually fail or break beyond repair. Preventive maintenance activities include store inspections, hardware checks, paint touch ups, and replacements. In addition, our technicians record and report safety hazards and ADA compliance issues to inform our clients. Start saving time and money by customizing your package today!

Inspections - We offer comprehensive inspections on: electrical, energy management, risk assessment, ADA compliance, safety inspections, store conditions and fire sprinkler systems. Not only can Alison Service Company complete inspections, but can also make any necessary repairs quickly. Our company will make sure your facility is compliant with the fire marshal or building inspector corrections and codes. You can count on us.